10th (Irish) Division attack the Turks, Palestine.

Wednesday, 13 March, 1918
Sheikh Kalrawany where a rapid attack by the 2nd Faughs on 9 March 1918, forced the Turks to abandon strong positions. © IWM (Q 12870)

Since December 1917 the 2nd and 5/6th Faughs had been engaged in road building in Palestine. Having completed the road from the coast to the Jerusalem - Nablus road, the 2nd and 5/6th Faughs went on outpost duty north of Jerusalem.

Meanwhile, the British Army under General Allenby was preparing for another offensive, the aim of which was to advance astride the main road nearer Nablus. Both the 2nd and 5/6th Battalion took part in the 10th (Irish) Division's attack on 9 March 1918 and were side-by-side as they assaulted a series of ridges and wadis.

The Faughs swept away all enemy forces confronting them except for those occupying a feature known as K4. Initially enemy fire pinned down three companies and it was not until the next morning that the Faughs, reinforced by a company of 5th Inniskillings, finally cleared the Turkish position. Casualties were light. On the night of 9 March, 2 Faughs was relieved and soon after 5/6 Faughs on 13 March; both Faugh Battalions returned to their road building.