Dardanelles Football Cup

Saturday, 6 November, 1915

The 1st Battalion The Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers had been relieved as the Brigade Reserve and returned to Corps Reserve at the beginning of November. There were many fatigue duties to perform and one of these included half the Battalion at any one time employed on cutting terraces into the cliffs of X Beach. The works would provide winter quarters to accommodate two infantry battalions. There was always the threat of harassing artillery fire made all the more accurate by enemy aircraft overflying such rear areas. In the midst of adversity time was found to indulge in the British Army's favourite sport of football. The Battalion won their first round of the Dardanelles Football Cup by defeating the Kings Own Scottish Borderers 1 - 0 in extra time. Such a sight from an enemy aircraft must have offered Turkish commanders an insight into the resilience of their foe.

One of the more unusual instructions received concerned engaging the Turkish parapets with rifle and machine-gun fire in order to destroy the sandbags . The enemy was experiencing a shortage of sandbags and were reported to be using their blankets and greatcoats instead. Meanwhile, for the Inniskillings, it was also a time to have their greatcoats and uniform disinfested and disinfected and to conduct what the army calls 'interior economy'- another term for make and mend.

On 6th November the 1st Inniskillings' War Diary recorded a routine day in the life of a Corps Reserve Battalion:

Fatigues and routine as usual. Weather warm and fine.
A series of lectures are given by senior officers while Battalions are in rest camp.