Faughs ambush Germans, Tunisia.

Monday, 1 March, 1943

The 2nd Battalion The London Irish Rifles, with B Company of the 1st Battalion The Royal Irish Fusiliers, repulsed the German attack across the Bou Arada Plain, Tunisia on 26 February 1943. When the Germans retreated back across the adjoining Goubellat Plain the London Irish sent out strong fighting patrols each night to harass the enemy. One such patrol, consisting of D Company less one platoon, was led by Major J H Coldwell-Horsfall MC deep into the Goubellat Plain, and right across the enemy Line of Communication, to a road where it waited until a German lorry approached:

Waiting until it was at point-blank range, the patrol opened fire,... and the lorry skidded violently into the farm on the other side of the road (where a number of Germans had already been heard moving about). Heavy fire was then opened up on the patrol, and they withdrew a little way and lay up again. At 1230 a small German party was suddenly seen coming towards them. They immediately opened up on it and at the same time charged, taking two prisoners, which were all they could find.... One of the prisoners afterwards told us that every man in the truck, of which there was approximately 18, had been hit.

Brigadier Nelson Russell describing the action wrote ... 'It was more than a patrol – it was more a route march which ended up with a good old fashioned bayonet charge.'

Major Horsfall received a Bar to his Military Cross.