Inniskillings attack Jacobite Garrison, Omagh

Fri, 06/03/1689

The Williamite War In Ireland, the War of the Two Kings.

On 3 June 1689, two companies of the Enniskilleners, commanded by Captain Henry Smith and Captain Robert Correy, marched from Trillick at sunset with two troops of Enniskillen horse towards Omagh. Intelligence received indicated that the Jacobite garrison in the town of Omagh, County Tyrone, grazed their mounts on land outside their garrison. There, the Enniskillen force relieved the enemy of some 160 troop-horses and as many cows. Locals had advised the Jacobite force that the Enniskillen force was approaching, but the Jacobite force concentrated on saving the town from capture - not its horses. The result was that the three Jacobite troops were without mounts whereas the Inniskilling force now had superior mounts and remounts for three troops.