Battle Honour CAMBRAI 1917,18 - the Third Day.

Thu, 11/22/1917

CAMBRAIOn the third day of the Battle of Cambrai, 108 Brigade including the 2nd, the 11th/13th and 12th Battalion The Royal Irish Rifles and the 9th Battalion The Royal Irish Fusiliers relieved 109 Brigade and continued the attack across the Bapaume – Cambrai road against the Hindenburg Line.

(Right, men of the 16th Battalion The Royal Irish Rifles (Divisional pioneer troops, 36th Ulster Division) moving forward along the Ribecourt road earlier on 20 November)
16 RIR(© IWM (Q 6291))

The 12th Battalion had a hard struggle to capture their objective, the village of Moeuvres, because the German defensive positions on all sides were unassailable without further artillery preparation and tank support. Unable to consolidate its hold on the village when the Germans counter-attacked, the Rifles had to withdraw at 1745 hours. Then the 9th Faughs counter-attacked at 2030 hours but they too were unable to consolidate a position within Moeuvres and they fell back spending the night in trenches to the south of the village.