The Ulster Defence Regiment becomes operational.

Wednesday, 1 April, 1970
UDR No 4 Lee Enfield
Equipped with No 4 Lee Enfield Rifles.

Following The Ulster Defence Regiment Act 1969 and a short period of recruiting, The Ulster Defence Regiment became operational on 1 April 1970. Although still under strength, The Ulster Defence Regiment on formation consisted of the following battalions:

1st (County Antrim) Battalion; Battalion HQ - Ballymena

2nd (County Armagh) Battalion: Battalion HQ - Armagh

3rd (County Down) Battalion; Battalion HQ - Ballykinler

4th (County Fermanagh) Battalion; Battalion HQ - Enniskillen

5th (County Londonderry) Battalion; Battalion HQ - Londonderry

6th (County Tyrone) Battalion; Battalion HQ - Omagh

7th (City of Belfast) Battalion; Battalion HQ - Holywood

The Battalions' titles were abbreviated to their number followed by 'UDR' so that, for example, the 1st Battalion The Ulster Defence Regiment's short title was 1 UDR.

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