Sir John Hare CB

Major General Sir John Hare CB

John Hare commanded the 27th (Inniskillings) Regiment of Foot at Waterloo for which he was promoted Brevet Lieutenant Colonel. He was made a Companion of the Order of the Bath, a Knight of Hanover and a Knight of St. Vladimir (fourth class).

He first served in the Tarbert Fencibles (County Kerry), commanded by Sir Edward Leslie; Ensign in the 27th, 28 October 1799; Lieutenant, 17 June 1800; Captain, 9 September 1805; Brevet Major, 17 June 1813; Brevet Lieutenant Colonel, 18 June 1815; Major, 30 July 1818; Colonel, 10 January 1837; on half pay, 28 February 1840; Major General, 9 November 1846.

Hare served in the expedition to Holland in 1799, attached to the 69th Regiment; with the 27th in Egypt 1801; expedition to Naples under Sir James Craig 1805; at Maida 1806; with 2/27th Inniskillings in south eastern Spain 1813-1814; at Castalla and Biar where he commanded three companies of the 27th at Tarragona; succeeded to the command of the Battalion after Reeves was wounded at Ordal; was present during the siege of Barcelona.

He commanded the Inniskillings for nearly fifteen years and introduced a system of minor punishments. He was appointed Lieutenant Governor of the Eastern Division of the Cape of Good Hope on 1 December 1839. After this the 27th served under him in the actions against the Boers, who tried to set up an independent republic in the Transvaal, and continued in this appointment until his death on the way home on 10 December 1846.