1st British Commonwealth Division - Korea

Monday, 23 July, 1951

Until late July 1951 there had been two British Brigades deployed in Korea - 27 British Commonwealth Brigade and 29 Independent Infantry Brigade. Towards the end of July, these respectively changed their titles to 28 British Commonwealth Infantry Brigade and 29 Infantry Brigade when they were incorporated, with the recently arrived 25 Canadian Infantry Brigade, into the newly formed 1st British Commonwealth Division under the command of Major General Cassels.

The units of 29 Brigade were full of regret over the Brigade's loss of independent status; hitherto a very strong esprit de corps had grown. Since their formation in Colchester and arrival in Korea, the units and the supporting arms had developed strong ties, which had strengthened during the changing fortunes of the Korean Campaign. The units in support of the 1st Battalion The Royal Ulster Rifles (1RUR) were 176 Battery, 45 Field Regiment, Royal Artillery; B Troop, 170 Mortar Battery, Royal Artillery; C Squadron, 8th Hussars and 55 Field Squadron, Royal Engineers.

It was with a feeling of sorrow then that, on the 23 July 1951, a contingent of 1 RUR attended a farewell parade at the new Divisional Headquarters, at which the title of 29 Independent British Infantry was relinquished and the retitled 29 British Infantry Brigade then passed to under command of the 1st British Commonwealth Division.