1st Inniskillings arrive in Singapore

Wednesday, 4 August, 1948
Inniskillings disembark in Singapore

Malayan Emergency

When the 1st Battalion The Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers left Hong Kong and landed in Singapore, it was assumed that its tour to reinforce the Malayan Garrison would only last for a few months before they re-embarked for home. However, the Battalion's tour was to last for one year.

The Battalion was pleased to be accommodated in Selerang Barracks, as it was an improvement on the Hong Kong barracks. The Inniskilling's intended role was Internal Security (IS) operations in Singapore. However, after one week, the Battalion sent one rifle company to Johore to undergo training and undertake patrol operations to protect its tin mines and rubber plantations. The other companies later spent much of their time on operations in the Johore area.

The first battalion operation, Op LACROSSE, a seaborne raid on Johore's eastern coast, was planned along Second World War lines as an opposed landing but was in fact unopposed. The landings went according to plan with protection of the beachhead permitting penetration into the jungle. The op was meant to search villages and flush enemy forces 15 miles inland towards a waiting Gurkha force, but poor intelligence failed in locating and fixing any enemy forces and the op was uneventful. The Inniskilling force withdrew by sea with the major benefit of having added to their knowledge of IS operations in the Malayan jungle; there would be further operations.