27th (Inniskillings) after Badajoz.

Fri, 05/15/1812

After the fall of Badajoz at the end of the third siege on 6 April 1812, there was a delay of about one month before the Duke of Wellington continued his Peninsular Campaign against the French.

During the interval his battered regiments, not least the 'Young Inniskillings', had a welcome opportunity for resting and regaining their efficiency after the hardships and losses of the siege. Thus on 15 May, about six weeks after the fall of Badajoz, out of a strength of 910, only 358 were returned as present; 20 were sick but able to remain with the Battalion; 20 were 'on command'; and no less than 503 were 'not present', which is to say they were in one of the ghastly institutions that served as hospitals.

Having rested and recuperated for a month, the 3rd Inniskillings were able to fight in the summer campaign of 1812.