The 87th Regiment retitled a Royal Regiment

Saturday, 17 November, 1827
John Doyle Colonel 87th
Colonel of the 87th Regiment, The Royal Irish Fusiliers, General Sir John Doyle Bt GCB KCH.

On 17 November 1827, the Colonel of the 87th, General Sir John Doyle, received a letter from the Adjutant General, Sir Henry Torrens:

'I have the honour to acquaint you that the King has been pleased to approve of the Eighty-Seventh Regiment assuming the title "Royal", and its being in future styled the Eighty-Seventh or Royal Irish Fusiliers, instead of the Prince of Wales' Own Irish Fusiliers'.

The Adjutant General's letter demonstrated that the concept of 'value for money' was not invented in the 20/21st century when he went on to state that the King had approved the new uniform for the Regiment. This included replacing the green facings with blue in uniformity with other Fusilier Regiments, however:

'the uniform ... be adopted from the 25th December 1829, when the clothing now in possession of the regiment shall be worn out'.