89th Princess Victoria's to India

Fri, 12/30/1870 - Mon, 04/21/1884

The Regiment, commanded by Lieutenant-Colonel William Boyle, embarked for India at Queenstown, Ireland, in HM's Indian steam Troopship Crocodile and sailed on the afternoon of 30 September 1870. The strength of those boarding was thirty officers, including the Quarter-Master, the surgeon with his two assistants, 914 NCOs and men, plus 106 women and almost as many children.

The Regiment disembarked at Alexandria, Egypt, on 14 October, and having traversed Egypt by rail, arrived in Suez to embark in the Troopship Jumna, setting sail on 16 October for India, arriving in Bombay Harbour on 30 October. The next embarkation was on 1 November in the sailing ships Calcutta and Queen of Australia, and the steamer Dalhousie to sail to the Malibar Coast in the Madras Presidency, landing at Cannanore on 6 and 7 November. Two companies were then detached to Calicut and Malliapooram while the Regiment remained at Cannanore.

Fourteen years would pass before the Regiment, having served in India, Burma and the Sudan, would return to Portsmouth, England, on 21 April 1884.