89th Return from India

Tuesday, 8 August, 1865

When the 89th Regiment moved to Bombay in 1857, for service during what was then described as the Sepoy or Indian Mutiny (1857-59), it remained in India for eight years serving at Ahmedabad, Deesa, Neemuch, Goonah, Seronge, Jhansi, Umballa and Mooltan. In 1865, the 89th was ordered home at short notice. The majority of the Regiment embarked on the Walmer Castle at Karachi on 8 April, with the remainder following one month later. Both ships arrived off Spithead within hours of each other and then sailed to Dover where the Regiment disembarked and assembled complete at Shorncliffe Camp on 8 August 1865.

They would later move to North Camp, Aldershot in the spring of 1866, where Queen Victoria would present new Colours and the 89th would be retitled by command of HM The Queen.