An' they're hangin' Johnny Dely in the evenin*

Mon, 07/10/1809

The Adjutant General's Office recorded in the General Orders for Spain and Portugal that on 10 July 1809, a General Court Martial was convened at Placencia, by order of his Excellency Lieutenant General Sir Arthur Wellesley and:

... proceeded to the trial of John Dely, Private, 87th Regiment, for murder, commited on or about the 20th May, 1809, on the body of Private Owen Lahy, same regiment. The prisoner pleading not guilty, the Court proceeded to the examination of witnesses; the Court having deliberately weighed and considered the evidence in support of the charge, together with what the prisoner had to say in his defence, is of the opinion that he is guilty of the crime with which he is charged, being in breach of The Articles of War, and do therefore sentence him to suffer Death by being hanged by the neck, at such time and place as the Commander of the Forces may think proper; which sentence has been confirmed by his Excellency the Commander of the Forces.

The court martial was presided over by a Major General. A further order was recorded stating that on 16 July:

... one company from each of the regiments of Infantry in camp, are to parade this evening on the ground of General Cameron’s brigade, under the orders of a General Officer, at 6 o’clock, in order to witness the execution of the sentences of the General Court Martial on the prisoner ... . The Provost Martial will attend to carry the sentences of the Court Martial into execution.

Apologies to Rudyard Kipling's Danny Deever