Battle Honour 'SOMME 1916,’18'.

Sat, 07/01/1916

Somme Beadle Ptg

Their attack was one of the finest displays of human courage in the world

The Battle Honour SOMME 1916,’18 is emblazoned on the King's Colour of The Royal Irish Regiment and the following describes the events of the first day of the 140 days Somme Offensive, 1 July – 18 November 1916.

There are many articles on the Virtual Military Gallery about 1 July 1916 and we recommend you click on 36th (Ulster) Division on 1 July 1916 and should you wish to read and experience more, please select any of the following highlighted titles:


107 Brigade's Objective on 1 July 1916.

108 Brigade's Objective on 1 July 1916.

109 Brigade's Objective on 1 July 1916

Where were our antecedent regiments on 1 July 1916?

Victoria Crosses awarded for actions on 1 July 1916

Eric Bell VC

Geoffrey Cather VC

William McFadzean VC

Robert Quigg VC

War Poems

Songs From an Evil Wood

A Memory of the Somme

Birds in the Trenches

The Battle of the Somme, A Poem

The Lad

Museum Artefacts

Silent Killing

Trench Dagger

Souvenir Bayonet



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Ulster's Part in the Battle of the Somme

The Chocolate Soldiers

Angels and Heroes


The painting, 'Attack of the Ulster Division, 1 July 1916’ by J P Beadle is reproduced by kind permission of the Belfast City Council. The original hangs in the City Hall, Belfast.