Casualties at Waterloo

Mon, 06/19/1815

On the morning following the Battle of Waterloo, the Inniskillings had an opportunity to discover who was still alive. The casualties among all ranks amounted to almost 59% - a greater loss than that sustained by any other infantry regiment in the battle.

The casualties included 17 out of the 18 officers, with 2 killed and 15 wounded. There were 83 other ranks killed with 34 dying of wounds. Some 16 suffered amputations and 48 were later discharged as unfit for further service. There were nine transferred to invalid battalions and one remained in hospital; 236 later recovered from their wounds and re-joined the Colours.

The casualty total was 427 killed and wounded out of the 729 other ranks who went into battle on 18 June 1815.

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