Chinese Fifth Phase (Spring) Offensive

Sunday, 22 April, 1951 - Saturday, 19 May, 1951

The first part of the Chinese Spring Offensive was launched against the United Nations' Command's (UNC) Eighth Army, with the UNC engaged in fierce fighting in the Battle of the Imjin River and the Battle of Kapyong in the west. The battles in these sectors from 22–25 April 1951 absorbed the Chinese attempts to break through the UNC until it was halted along what was known as the 'No-name Line' north of Seoul.

In the east, the Chinese launched the second part of the Spring Offensive on 15 May 1951, against the UNC's South Korean Army and the X Corps on the Soyang River. Thie Battle of the Soyang River ground to a halt by 20 May and by the end of May, UNC's Eighth Army had counterattacked and advanced to halt on 'Line Kansas' north of the 38th parallel.