Chinese First Phase Offensive

Fri, 10/13/1950 - Mon, 11/27/1950
PPSH-41 with the 71-round suomi drum magazine - the 'Burp' Gun.

As X Corps of the United Nations Command (UNC) began its landings at Wonsan, the Chinese had already, on 13/14 October crossed the border on the Yalu River, followed four days later by their commander, General Peng Dehuai.

By 20 October, four Chinese armies of some 30,000 men each, had crossed the Yalu, three opposite the Eighth Army in the west and one opposite X Corps in the east. By the end of October, two more armies had crossed to confront Eighth Army. At this point, the Chinese launched what they would call the 'First Phase Offensive', an attack directed mainly against the South Korean (ROK) II Corps, but which also smashed the US 8th Cavalry Regiment of 1st Cavalry Division. The attack, which was at its most intense from 25 October to 2 November, ended as mysteriously as it had begun, shaking the confidence of the UNC forces

However, after a pause to regroup, MacArthur gave the word to begin the 'Home by Christmas' offensive. In reality, the First Offensive was a deception operation by General Peng that concealed the true strength of the PVA. On the night of 26/27 November, heavy Chinese attacks slammed into Eighth Army and X Corps as American and South Korean troops advanced to (and, in places. reached) the Yalu River, Korea’s northern border with the Chinese province of Manchuria.