Cyprus Emergency

Friday, 1 April, 1955 - Thursday, 19 February, 1959

The Cyprus Emergency was a campaign by the Greek Cypriot group EOKA* to remove the British from Cyprus and unify the island with Greece; the latter aspiration was known as 'Enosis', in Greek -Ένωσις. The insurgency began on 1 April 1955 and following a series of incidents, the Governor General, Sir John Harding, declared a state of emergency on 26 November 1955.

On 16 August 1960, Cyprus attained independence following the 1959 Zürich (11 February) and London (19 February) Treaties between the United Kingdom, Greece and Turkey. Archbishop Makarios III, a charismatic religious and political leader, was elected the first president of independent Cyprus.

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EOKA is the acronym used in English for the Ethniki Organosis Kyprion Agoniston (the National Organisation of Cypriot Fighters) or in Greek. Εθνική Οργάνωσις Κυπρίων Αγωνιστών.