Lt Shipp commends the Irish soldier.

Thursday, 25 January, 1816
Lieutenant John Shipp

Lt John Shipp, an ensign who joined the Regiment in January 1816, who later wrote an autobiography recording his adventures with the 1st/87th, was greatly impressed by the Irish:

I must confess I do love to be on duty on any kind of service with the Irish. There is a promptness to obey, a hilarity, a cheerful obedience, and willingness to act, which I have rarely met with in any other body of men; but whether in this particular case, those qualifications had been instilled into them by the rigid discipline of their corps, I know not, or whether these are characteristics of the Irish nation; but I have also observed in that corps (I mean the 87th Irish regiment, or Prince's Own Irish) a degree of liberality amongst the men I have never seen in any other Corps-a willingness to share their crust and drop on service with their comrades, an indescribable cheerfulness in obliging and accommodating each other, and an anxiety to serve each other, and to hide each others faults. In that corps there was a unity I have never seen in any other; and as for fighting, they were [the] very devils.