Operation PLUNDER, crossing the Rhine.

Friday, 23 March, 1945

Montgomery's message to 21st Group, 23 March 1945:

'Over the Rhine then, let's go, and good hunting to you all on the other side.'

Operation PLUNDER was Field Marshal Bernard Montgomery's 21st Army Group operation to cross the River Rhine on a two-corps front and advance from the east bank through Northern Germany. There were three major ground operations and an airborne operation:IWM BU 2396 Achilles

Op TURNSCREW - XXX Corps' Rhine crossing at Rees.
Op WIDGEON - 1 Commando Brigade's Rhine crossing at Wesel.
Op TORCHLIGHT - XII Corps' Rhine crossing at Xanten.
Op FLASHPOINT - Ninth (US) Army's Rhine crossing around Rheinberg.
Op VARSITY - the airborne operation landing on the east bank.

Above: An Achilles tank destroyer on the east bank of the Rhine moves up to link with airborne forces whose abandoned gliders can be seen in the background (image © IWM BU 2396).

Below, Ground Map.