Raising of the 87th Regiment, a legion of Irish Heroes

Saturday, 7 September, 1793
Uniform of the 87th Regiment of Foot, 1793.
Uniform of the 87th Regiment of Foot, 1793.

On 7 September 1793, a Dublin newspaper announced:

'His Majesty has been graciously pleased to permit Major Doyle, the soldiers friend, to raise forthwith a legion of Irish Heroes, the 87th. Such spirited lads as are desirous of serving in this honourable Corps, to be called the Prince of Wales' Irish Heroes, are invited to apply to Captain James Magrath, No. 42 Summer Hill, Dublin.
God save The King'

Later, a soldier wrote a poem from which the following extract is taken:

'Eight hundred brave youths were collected,
Volunteers from the Emerald Isle,
By the noblest of Erin respected,
They were raised by the brave Colonel Doyle..'

However, the Dublin advertisement was somewhat premature as Doyle's Letter of Service from the Secretary-at-War authorising him to raise the Regiment was dated 18 September. On 29 October 1793, a notice appeared stating;

H.R.H The Prince of Wales has been graciously pleased to take Major Doyle's Corps under his protection, but to be called the 87th Prince of Wales's Irish Regiment.