Ranger Cyril Smith is killed in Newry

Wednesday, 24 October, 1990

On 24 October 1990, 4 Platoon, B Company, 2nd Battalion The Royal Irish Rangers was manning the Permanent Vehicle Checkpoint at Cloghoge Mountain situated on the A1 to the south of Newry. At 0409 hours, a yellow van pulled up at the checkpoint and the driver leapt from the van shouting 'There's a bomb'. Ranger Cyril John Smith, who was the duty 'road man', led the driver to safety while alerting the other soldiers who were manning the checkpoint.

Certain that the driver was safe, Ranger Smith ran back to the centre of the checkpoint despite being told not to go. He set off shouting 'I have to go back and make sure the rest of the boys are safe'.

As Ranger Smith again ran past the van, the bomb exploded killing him instantly. Ranger Smith acted without regard for his own safety thinking only of saving the lives of his fellow Rangers. For this action he was, on 5 November 1991, posthumously awarded the Queen's Gallantry Medal in recognition of his bravery.