RUR move to positions north of Pyongtaek, Korea.

Wed, 01/24/1951
Korea identity patrol RUR Ulster Rifles
Checking a Korean civilian's identity papers.

After the Battle of Chaegunghyon (Happy Valley), the 1st Battalion The Royal Ulster Rifles withdrew some 40 miles southwards to Pyongtaek where it prepared new defensive positions.

On 24 January 1951, while the UK's Brigade was harassing the advance of the Chinese well to the north of the main allied front, 1 RUR received orders to move into the area behind the forward troops and there patrol vigorously against suspected guerrillas. The Battalion moved northwards on 25 January 1951 and began immediately an energetic programme of jeep and foot patrolling along the two main routes and in the area between US troops and the UN line of defence.