Tiffin's and Lloyd's Inniskilling Regiments inspected at Dundalk.

Tue, 10/18/1689

The Williamite War In Ireland, the War of the Two Kings.

The infantry regiments of King William III’s army were reviewed between 18-28 October 1689, while camped at Dundalk. Inspection reports were produced for each regiment including Colonel Thomas Lloyd’s Inniskilling Regiment of Foot and Colonel Zacharia Tiffin’s Inniskilling Regiment of Foot.

Both regiments were formed from companies that had been raised by Gustavus Hamilton, the Governor of Enniskillen early in 1689. Its officers had received their first commissions on 20 June 1689. Lloyd's troops called him their ‘Little Cromwell’ on account of his tenacity and military successes, but he died during the winter of 1689-90 and his regiment was disbanded in 1692.

Tiffin was reported as being detached in the 'neighbourhood of St. James Town' and was described as ‘a very good officer’. He had received his commission as Colonel of his regiment on 20 July 1689 from Major General Percy Kirke. Both regiments report's stated:

There are some very fine men in the Regiment, but without uniforms, and without swords, like most of the English battalions. The Regiment is not yet complete. The officers are fine fellows but have never served [in the regular Army], and as they are also subject to illnesses as much as the others. N.B. This regiment has no Grenadier company nor has it pikes.