Fairweather MC, Lieutenant Basil Creake


INNISKSThe following is the text from Army Form W.3121 describing the date, place and action for which P/No 194859 Lieutanant Basil Creyke Fairweather was recommended for an award by the Commanding Officer of the 1st Battalion The Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers, Lieutenant Colonel J R C Crosslé on 28 Februay 1943 and forwarded through the chain of command for approval. Lieutenant Fairweather was awarded the Military Cross (MC) and the award was promulgated in the Supplement to The London Gazette dated 22 April 1943.

Military cross
At Donbaik Village, Mayu Peninsula, Burma on
18 Feb 43, in an attack on an enemy position in a
chaung, Lieut Fairweather and 2 sections of his Pl
succeeded in reaching his objective at 0500 hrs.
He was joined there by one section, which was all
that was left of the Pl on the right. The only
other part of the Bn to reach the objective was
2 sections of another Pl who were considerably to
the right and were too far from him by an enemy
M.G. post. Lieut. Fairweather not knowing that they
were there.

Lieut Fairweather formed his small force into a
perimeter and worked his way down the chaung to his left,
clearing it of enemy as he went with grenades and
Bayonets, until he was eventually held up.
Lieutenant Fairweather inflicted very considerable
casualties on the enemy and destroyed several
M.G and L.M.G. posts.

At dusk the enemy started infiltrating to his
right and left and through casualties he was forced
to draw his men into a smaller and smaller

At 0100 hours on 19 Feb 43 owing to heavy enemy
counter attacks, he withdrew the remains of his
small party by then reduced to 8 men having held
his post for 20 hours.

Lieut Fairweather’s conduct throughout the day
shower courage and devotion to duty of the highest