O'Reilly DCM, Corporal Cornelius


The following is the text from Army Form W.3121 describing the date, place and action for which 7020028 Corporal Cornelius O'Reilly was recommended for an award by the Commanding Officer of the 2nd Battalion The Royal Ulster Rifles, Lieutenant Colonel I C Harris, in June 1944 and forwarded through the chain of command for approval. Corporal O'Reilly was awarded the Distinguished Conduct Medal (DCM) and his award was promulgated in the Supplement to The London Gazette dated 31 August 1944.

DCM George VI
This NCO was in command of a Rifle Section during the
attack on CAMBES. His Pl Comd was killed and the Pl
Sgt was wounded. During the fighting considerable
confusion arose and this NCO gathered the men around
him and led them with outstanding bravery and leadership.
On reorganising he took over command of the Pl, leading
them during a difficult period of mortaring on the
objective, with determination and leadership, which
inspired and kept them steady.

Cpl O’Reilly is recommended for the immediate
award of the DCM.