Scott DCM, Corporal John



The following is the text from Army Form W.3121 describing the date, place and action for which 6978128 Corporal John Scott was recommended by Captain E R W M Semple for an award that was signed by the Commanding Officer of the 1st Battalion The Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers, Lieutenant Colonel J R C Crosslé, in January 1943 and forwarded through the chain of command for approval. Corporal Scott was awarded an immediate Distinguished Conduct Medal (DCM) and his award was promulgated in the Supplement to The London Gazette dated 8 April 1943.

DCM George VI

At DONBAIK, Mayu Peninsular, Burma on 19 Jan 43
the Carrier in which Cpl.Scott was gunner was
damaged on the open beach by enemy A/Tk Fire, but
was able to return to its harbour. Cpl Scott
immediately volunteered to go out in another Carrier,
to tow in a Carrier from the beach which had been
damaged by enemy fire, and was on fire, this latter
Carrier was in full view of the enemy, and was under
intense fire from both the A/Tk Gun and Automatic
weapons. On reaching the blazing Carrier Cpl.Scott
dismounted and adjusted the tow chain, it was a
lengthy business as on two occasions the tow
chain came off in the burning Carrier. On both occasions
Cpl.Scott dismounted in full view of the enemy and
readjusted the tow chain with the result that the
damaged Carrier was saved from falling into enemy