UDR's First Major Operation.

Thursday, 30 April, 1970

In the UDR's first major operation, the 2nd and 6th Battalion The Ulster Defence Regiment deployed 400 soldiers on an 8 (Infantry) Brigade operation along the border with the Republic of Ireland in Counties Armagh, Tyrone and Fermanagh. UDR Badge The mission was to intercept the movement of terrorist munitions into Northern Ireland. The operation included some 1,600 Regular Army personnel and it was the first large-scale border operation carried out by the Army.

This operation was an evolution from the 'duties' carried out by UDR personnel who had been confined to guarding 'Key Points' and conducting 'Vehicle Check Point' (VCP) patrols, the latter mainly at night. In April 1971, three new companies were raised and additional vehicles and equipments were allocated to the seven UDR battalions to enhance their operational capabilities. This was followed a year later by the supply of Shorland armoured cars to selected UDR battalions.