1 RUR arrives in South Korea

Sunday, 5 November, 1950

Pusan HarbourOn 5 November 1950, the Empire Pride, with the 1st Battalion The Royal Ulster Rifles on board, anchored in Pusan Harbour (right). Just after 1200 hours, the ship came alongside and later that night completed the disembarkation.

The Battalion marched to the railway station through the chaos of military confusion and eventually entrained for the 200-mile journey to Suwon. A late frantic search discovered the rations and stores necessary for the journey and shortly before midnight the Battalion departed. A later train would carry the Battalion's heavy baggage and equipment. The normally tedious journey of four or five days was completed in record time and 1 RUR arrived at 1000 hours on 7 November.

Four days later, the Battalion was placed on notice to move for operations against North Korean forces that had been bypassed by the advancing UN forces. This enemy had organized into guerrilla groups and were estimated to be a threat © IWM (BF 392)to the Lines of Communication. The Battalion moved to establish a firm base at Uijongbu, some fifteen miles north-east of Seoul, where, under the direct command of Headquarters Eighth United States Army, it began operations against those guerrilla groups.

(Left, men of the Royal Ulster Rifles marching through a Korean village (© IWM 392))

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