1 RUR on the River Imjin, Korea.

Thu, 04/05/1951
Korea RUR
1 RUR, Korea

The 1st Battalion The Royal Ulster Rifles was in a defensive position on high ground some 2,000 metres south of the River Imjin. Since occupying the position on 1 April 1951, the companies had been patrolling frequently and reconnoitring the river for crossing places. C Company's main Observation Post was particularly popular because it commanded a good view to the north; whenever anyone spotted anything that appeared to be enemy activity, the American Army's Forward Observation Officer attached to C Company called for artillery fire.

On the night of 5 April, Second Lieutenant Gill led the first night patrol across the Imjin into enemy territory. The crossing was uneventful; the patrol reached its objective and returned safely. However, although there was no contact with the enemy, an enemy patrol did follow the Riflemen back to the river.

29 Brigade and 1 RUR remained in their position overlooking the River Imjin until 10 April 1951.