Chinese attack 1 RUR, Hill 194, Korea.

Sat, 04/14/1951
Vickers Machine Gun 1 RUR Korea
1 RUR Vickers Machine Gun position, Korea. ©

At 0010 hours on 14 April 1951, when the 1st Battalion The Royal Ulster Rifles was occupying Hill 194 on the northern bank of the River Imjin in Korea, an enemy patrol set off a trip flare in the rear of D Company's position. In the light of the flare, 12 Platoon saw several enemy whom it engaged promptly. A close range grenade battle began as a number of Chinese attacked the platoon position. Several Chinese took possession of a communication trench, but they were soon dislodged, albeit with some difficulty. Meanwhile, a second probing attack developed against the main D Company position. This was met with a volley of grenades and 12 Platoon Commander, leading two rifle sections, swept the remaining Chinese off his position.

By dawn all was quiet and the platoon was still in full possession of its area. Patrols at first light captured three wounded Chinese and found dozens of Chinese stick grenades; many had failed to explode. The prisoners revealed that a 100-strong Chinese Company had carried out the raid to determine the strength of the defence and capture a prisoner. Over the next seven days, 1 RUR continued to improve its defences and patrol against the enemy.