2nd INNISKILLINGS attack Isernia, Italy.

Tuesday, 26 October, 1943
2nd Inniskilling's Bren Carriers enter Isernia

The 2nd Battalion The Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers had reached the 'spine of the Apennines' where two regiments of 26 Panzer Division occupied key ground on a series of ridges guarding the southern approach to the Isernia Pass. The city of Isernia, sitting astride the junction of rail and road routes, lay in a basin which the Germans commanded both by observation posts on the ridges and by fire from artillery emplacements.

The attack to force the pass would be undertaken by two Brigades. Preliminary operations, which the Inniskillings began on 26 October, included battle patrols to reduce the enemy outposts and therefore their ability to dominate the Isernia basin. The success of this 'bold and skillful patrolling' by the 2nd Inniskillings was so effective in 'nibbling' at the German outposts that by the time the assault took place on 4 November, the Inniskillings were well astride the route to Isernia.