3rd Inniskillings Disbanded.

Saturday, 27 January, 1816
Sir Galbraith Lowry Cole by William Dyce, circa 1834-1835

On the 27 January 1816, in accordance with the stern policy of retrenchment that was necessary at the end of the Napoleonic Wars, the 3rd Inniskillings, having served for just over 10 years, was disbanded. The 3rd Battalion, or 'Young Inniskillings', was raised at Dunbar in Scotland in September 1805. During its short period of service, it had earned a magnificent fighting reputation, especially in Wellington's Army during the Peninsular War. It had also spent 12 months in North America before returning to England and France. On disbandment, the soldiers were dispersed to the 2nd Inniskillings in Ireland.

During September 1816, the Speaker of the House of Commons paid tribute in Parliament to the services of the 4th Division and its commander, Lieutenant General Sir Lowry Cole*, sitting at that time as the MP for Enniskillen. The 3rd Battalion had served in Cole's 4th Division during the Peninsular War and the Speaker stated:

'In that victorious army, which re-established the thrones of our allies, though all were brave, yet by the fortune of war the skill and valour of some were rendered conspicuous above the rest, and the gallant Fourth Division was distinguished throughout by the highest praise for its enthusiastic courage and heroic devotion. Of that Division, to whom all eyes were turned, in every battle you, sir, had the chief command, and your growing renown was well supported by many brave companions in arms, whose names will ever live in our annals'.

Regimental Colonel of the 27th (Inniskilling) Regiment of Foot, 1826 - 1842.