6th Inniskillings Disbanded.

Sun, 07/09/1944

INNISKILLINGWhen 38 (Irish) Brigade had finished its battles in the area of Lake Trasimene towards the end of June and early July, it was withdrawn to the 78th Division rest area between Rome and Tivoli. Soon afterwards it moved to Egypt for two months.

The 6th Inniskillings had fought their last battle, for on 9 July 1944 Brigadier Scott addressed the Battalion with the sad news that it was to be disbanded after arrival in Egypt and that the 2nd Inniskillings would replace it in the Brigade. Of the 6th Battalion's officers, 17 joined the 2nd Battalion, as did 300 other ranks; the remainder passed either to the 2nd Battalion The London Irish Rifles or the 1st Battalion The Royal Irish Fusiliers.

The 6th Inniskillings, having been raised in October 1940, had but a short life filled with glorious achievements - BOU ARADA, DJBEL TANNGOUCHA, TRASIMENE LINE and above all CENTURIPE - and is remembered with great pride.