Deception and rest on the River Han, Korea.

Friday, 2 March, 1951
1 RUR marching through a Korean village.

On 23 February 1951, an American unit relieved the 1st Battalion The Royal Ulster Rifles from its position on the hills overlooking the River Han.

Being in reserve, the Battalion went southwards to billets in a village near Osan where it remained for nearly two weeks. Training, with particular emphasis on patrolling, took priority as the main activity because intelligence sources at the time believed that the Chinese were about to cross the river southwards in order to outflank Seoul.

On 2 Mar 1951, B Company sent 30 men under Captain Miller to take part in what was then a secret deception plan - simulated preparations for a river crossing of the River Han west of Seoul. Meanwhile, except for D Company which was guarding Suwon airfield, and of course the men from B Company, the rest of the Battalion enjoyed rest and recreation until 7 Mar 1951.