Major A J Dyball MC

Within 5 years of this photograph, Tony Dyball is a Temporary/Major commanding his company in Operation VARSITY. - (Click to enlarge)

The following is the original wording of the commendation initiated by 6 Airlanding Brigade for the actions of 90507 T/Major, W/S Capt, Anthony John Dyball RUR during Operation VARSITY. He was awarded the Military Cross (MC).

On the 24th March 1945 Major Dyball commanding a
company of glider troops was given the hazardous task
of capturing intact the bridge over the River ISSEL by
“Coup de Main”. His glider having survived heavy
flak on the route in was first to crash land
right on the site. He was however only followed in by two
platoons. Severe enemy automatic and rifle fire
opened from close range killing one of his platoon
commanders and wounding the other. In spite
of all these adverse circumstances Major Dyball
continued to control the battle, as the sole remaining
officer, with the greatest courage, coolness and
complete disregard for his own personal safety.
Largely due to his inspiring leadership and control
of the very difficult situation the bridge, which was
to prove so valuable in the future, fell intact
to the hands of his gallant company.