Robert Hammill MM


Airborne RUR

The following is the text from Army Form W.3121 describing the date, place and action during Operation VARSITY for which 69844425 Rifleman Robert Hammill of the 1st (Airborne) Battalion The Royal Ulster Rifles, was recommended for an award by the Commanding Officer, Lieutenant Colonel G P Rickord, in November 1944 and forwarded through the chain of command until approved and signed by the Commander-in-Chief 21 Army Group, Field Marshal Bernard Montgomery. Rfn Hammill was awarded the Military Medal (MM) and the award was promulgated in the Supplement to The London Gazette dated 12 July 1945.

On 24th March 1945 Rfn. HAMMILL’s glider crash
landed in flames SOUTH of HAMMINKELN. The glider
immediately became a machine gun target for enemy
Spandau not 70 yards away. The platoon suffered
fourteen casualties. Rifleman HAMMILL had three
fingers of his right hand blown off and his face
was so burnt as to be quite unrecognisable.

Despite his severe wounds Rfn HAMMILL saved his
Platoon Commander’s life by putting him out of
the burning glider and bringing him to conscious-
ness. He pulled his Platoon Commander into a ditch
being calm and brave in all his actions. He then
himself became unconscious. His was a strength of
will and devotion hardly credible.