RUR advance to Hill 630.

Monday, 19 February, 1951
The Korea Medal with ribbon

The advance to the River Han continued and an attack was planned against enemy positions on the north-west spurs of Hill 630. The 1st Battalion The Royal Ulster Rifles was moved forward to an assembly area about 800 metres short of the Chinese positions. Although a preparatory artillery plan was fired, the Brigade Headquarters called off the attack as it was decided there was insufficient daylight left. The Battalion then moved into a hasty defensive position for the night.

It was bitterly cold at a height of 2,100 feet and the Riflemen were only lightly clad. For the arduous climb earlier in the day, they had lightened their loads; they carried no rations and no blankets. Immediate resupply was essential. Unfortunately the porters lost their way on their first attempt to locate 1 RUR's position, but on their second attempt found the Battalion at dawn.

(The United Kingdom's Korea Medal, above right, was awarded to those who participated in the Korean War between 2 July 1950 and 27 July 1953. A separate United Nations Korea medal was also issued for service from 27 June 1950 - 27 July 1954.)